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Butcher's Meat


Aged Meat


You may have heard of aged meat, whether it be from dry-aging or wet-aging methods. Both methods consist in a process of aging meat in controlled environments. Process that can also be called a meat maturing process.


Once slaughtered, the meat from animals stiffens and becomes practically impossible to eat as is. Generally, meat at supermarkets has been aged between a 7 to 12 day period. From the butcher shop, meat will have normally been aged between 14 to 28 days. In fact, the more you age meat, the more tender and flavourful it will become.


By waiting those extra few days, the process allows the enzymes found in the meat to gradually brake down or eliminate the fibres, which relaxes muscles and provides a tender meat. The longer the process, the tender the meat will get bringing along incredible flavours.

*CAB means Certified Angus Beef, which is beef that has had the Angus certification, consisting in one of the highest quality product on the market.

Wet-Aged meat

With this method, no water is being evaporated from the beef, which results in no weight loss. Even if the meat softens, the intensity of the flavour remains more or less the same. You will get better flavours if you favour the dry-aging process.

Filet Mignon CAB
Leanest and most tender cut, the filet is ideal for those who prefer rare meat as it melts in your mouth.
7 oz | 25 $
10 oz | 31 $
Strip Loin New York USDA PRIME
A perfect balance between flavour and tenderness. Marbled meat (fat between the meat) with a strip of fat on the side which bring lots of flavours when cooking.
12 oz | 42 $
Rib steak CAB
French cut Rib Steak very rich from its marbled and internal fat, which heightens its flavour.
18 oz | 35 $
Top Sirloin baseball cut
A piece of meat as large as it's height, very tasty and poor in fat. Very popular amongst our clients because of its quality over its price.
8 oz | 25 $
Dry-aged meat

Dry-aging consist in hanging the meat in an environment that is both above freezing point temperature and at a specific humidity level. This process allows the meat to lose some of its water, which then loses some of its weight and contracts. This leaves the flavours to concentrate in the remaining mass of the meat. Our meat are aged on a minimum of a 45 day period.

Sirloin CAB
Very flavourful and tender rib steak from aging process. Rich and tasty.
14 oz | 45 $
Tomahawk CAB
Tender and very flavourful rib steak from its 45 days aging process. Very rich piece, which - when cooked on bone - releases this hazelnut-like flavour. Ideal for sharing!
40 oz | 90 $

Salmon Tartare
Micro corriander, shallots, lime juice, chilli
15 $
Tuna Tartare
Big Eye tuna, avocado, sesame seeds, basil, yuzu sauce, mandarins
18 $
Beef Tartare
Sweet baby gherkin pickle, capers, shallots, tobasco sauce
21 $